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Framed Print
Framed Print
Framed Print
Framed Print
Framed Print
Framed Print

18″ x 24″ Framed Print:
Price: $600 (tax included) + $50 (worldwide shipping charge)

All of the photography found on website | flickr is available for purchase as prints.

Paper: A3+ Baryta.
Image Size: 12″ x 18″
Print: High quality inkjet-printed by professional photo Lab.
Frame: 18″ x 24″ / Black wood frame / white mat /acrylic panel
Order: Please send the following information by email.

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Print Purchase: Your Name
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Your Phonenumber:
photo detail: [e.g. "Naracho, Yokohama, 2012", green maze and the two guys.] or attached screenshots.jpg that you are interested in.
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Once an order is confirmed, I will send you a PayPal invoice email. Payment can be made directly from this email using most major credit cards via the secure PayPal system, and you don't need a PayPal account to make a payment.
I will begin printing your order as soon as receiving the confirmation of Paypal payment.
Shipping process will be carried out within 2-3 weeks.

46 x 61 cmフレーム付プリント
価格:60,000円(税込)+ 5,000円(配送・梱包料)

ウェブサイト | フリッカー上で公開している全ての写真が購入可能です。裏打ち、サイン、ナンバリング、木製フレームに額装して発送いたします。

ペーパー:A3+ バライタペーパー
イメージサイズ:12″ x 18″(304 x 457 mm)
フレーム:18″ x 24″(457 x 609 mm)/ 木製 / 黒 / 白マットボート / アクリルパネル

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・購入希望写真の内容(例:Shibuya, 2011、壁に寄りかかる男性。)を明記、または写真掲載ページのスクリーンショットを添付。
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