Recent News: Nov. 20, 2014, <a href="" target="blank">list of recent articles about my works.</a>
Recent News: Sep. 29, <a href="" target="blank">LensCulture: Shin Noguchi - Something Here</a>
Recent News: Sep. 1-30 <a href="" target="_blank">My exhibition in MAP Toulouse 2014 is running at Toulouse, France</a> - photo: Ulrich Lebeuf
Recent News: Aug. 26, <a href="" target="_blank">The Street Photographerfs Manual is now in stock on Amazon Japan.</a>
Recent News: July 10, <a href="" target="_blank">Interview about project: "Sorry, You Will Never Walk Alone." - Ceiling Gallery</a>
Recent News: July 6, <a href="" target="_blank">Competition 1st Prize Winner: MAP Toulouse Photography Festival 2014</a>
Recent News: June 29, <a href="" target="_blank">Competition Finalist: UPSP 2014 Urban Picnic Street Photography Competition</a>
Recent News: Apr. 14, <a href="" target="_blank">Published: South Korean "Monthly Photo Magazine", Vol.555, Apr. 2014</a>
Recent News: Mar. 19, <a href="" >All of the photography found on website is available for purchase as prints.</a>
Recent News: Dec. 21, <a href="" target="_blank">Interviewed by Street Photo France</a>

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