Recent News: Apr. 20, New Set: JGSDF Camp Takigahara Open House 2014
Recent News: Apr. 14, Published: South Korean "Monthly Photo Magazine", Vol.555, Apr. 2014
Recent News: Apr. 11, New SP team project: Spring fever
Recent News: Apr. 6, Invisible Photographer Asia Photo Essay: Sorry, Youfll Never Walk Alone.
Recent News: Mar. 30, New Project: "Sorry, you'll never walk alone."
Recent News: Mar. 26, 25 Best Street Photos of March
Recent News: Mar. 19, All of the photography found on website|flickr|facebook|Street Photographers is available for purchase as prints.
Recent News: Feb. 23, Eric Kim blog: 22 Interview Questions with the 'Street-Photographers' Collective
Recent News: Feb. 21, Beyond Obvious: Animal Planet
Recent News: Feb. 20, - Extremely decisive street photographs this season
Recent News: Feb. 11, new set: Heavy snowy day, Kamakura, Fab.8, 2014
Recent News: Jan. 23, new project 'x'
Recent News: Dec. 21, interviewed by Street Photo France

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